A city of refuge is a place where a man, usually a sinner, could claim the right of asylum;
This photographic documentary presents a metaphor of our current situation using this notion as a starting point. The location of the city is of no importance. The important fact is the history of the place. It is inhabited since ancient times and it was a land of opportunity, and transformation. It still remains as such.
The buildings presented here, attempt yet another metaphor.
They represent the armor; a castle, but in a sense of a social armor that we humans try to build around us.
Interestingly, the building in the city centre resembles the ones that surround it.
Their identities, the same. Change of dreams, a sense of no fulfilment, adaptation, hope.
This piece of work is just a whisper. Maybe the inception of an inner dialogue.
What do we do when all safety measures fail?
[Do we run to a city of refuge?]
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