Texas is a tavern in Northwest Greece.  Initially it was called “Paradise” and renamed “Texas” in the ‘70s when a man took off his gun and shot two customers. His wife and her lover.
Texas is a battleground of repatriation.  Coming back to Greece in 2010 I felt confused.  I had to rearrange this uncanny spectacle of people and places and, because I failed constantly, I was drifting to an observation of small and big details of a disordered life.  Everything I noticed seemed to result from a battle with time, a battle with itself.
Texas is a work of mourning.
Texas is a sort of farewell.  The designation of the border.  And the border, as perceived by Heidegger, ‘is not where something ends, but as recognised by the Greeks, the border is where something begins to unfold its essence.'
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