Video, 11 minutes, color, no sound.
Athens will not be photographed. It resists all direct acts of recording, drawing, or narration, much like its public space resists transformation. The overwhelming commons of contemporary Athens is inertia. From brown dark basement to white antenna terrace, the city demands the invention of new recording apparatuses: scanners of the ground, of density, and of people. These devices work through, inside, up close and beyond the city, rather than head on or against it; through indirect focus, embedding, distance, or scan, producing an elliptic, close-frame, irreverent, voyeristic collage. Personal spaces and fragmented stories emerge, turning inertia into light: the leftover, interstitial, void communal spaces of the Athenian polykatoikia, in alienation and coincidence.
Two parallel stories unfold here, from different starting points.  In this device, this hill, this window, the city is its people.
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